Saturday 22 December 2012

A new toy for Felix

The other night, as I was working on something else, Cat #1 filched a half-finished piece from the work basket and had a jolly old time with it.  Cat #1 isn't really one for toys. She like fingers, and toes, but not really toys. She has one little stuffed tiger which she's had since she was a kitten and that's it. She's just not interested in anything else.

So having clearly taken a shine to the piece that she'd whipped out of the basket, I thought I'd be nice and make it into a toy for Felix. It's not like it was fit for anything else, having been slobbered over, chased around the rug and clawed at...


I even added a couple of tassles and good spoonful of catnip.

As you can see, Cat #1 is um... not remotely interested any more.

But to prove she was quite taken by it originally, here's a clip of her in action. Apologies for the low light, it was shot in the evening, on my phone...

1 comment:

  1. What a beautiful cat,
    I did laugh at your video,we have a little dog like that, she thinks she is a cat!
    Just started blogging again!!! after a 2 year gap
    Jeanie x