Wednesday, 13 June 2012

The Cottage

Well, after a hectic couple of weeks moving both home and office to new locations, I hereby declare things to be settled!  I have finally moved out of London and the joyous reality of this still hits me every moring when I wake up to the sounds of birdsong, my neighbour's chickens and a view of a hedge.  No cars, sirens, other human beings (although there a few round about), buses, schoolchildren or the general hustle and bustle and hurley-burley of a London morning.  'Tis bliss.

I now live in a cute little two up, two down cottage in a village with a few houses, a pub and a set of stocks (no, really). Outside the front door is an enormous hedge which is full of birds (I saw a bullfinch for the first time in years the other day) which forms the border to the farmland which surrounds  most of the village. 

The view from the front door
Inside, it's a very snug little cottage: knobbly walls, low ceilings, exposed beams and slightly wonky floors.  I have just about found a home for everything now, although tall things have had to be rehomed to The Beloved's. I have however, treated myself to a nice rocking chair with a toasty sheepskin cover from Ikea.  I found it in their bargain corner, so was very pleased :)

The living room, from the rocking chair
The cats have coped magnificently with the move.  As the cottage is so small, it only needs one Feliway diffuser to make the whole place seem friendly and unthreatening to cats.  The worst bit was the drive up.  One cat is wholly unbothered by car journeys, the other hates them.  He also hates roundabouts and I am, alas, rather close to Milton Keynes...  However, once we'd arrived, they very quickly settled in and Hector very quickly decided he would like to get to know Outside.  I very quickly caved in to his pitiful wailing but it was fine, he didn't get lost, he just wanted to sunbathe atop the shed.

A happy (slightly blurry), sun-warmed cat.

So there you go, The Hookery has relocated.  I'm sure there's plenty more to tell you all, but all in good time.

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  1. sounds utterly idyllic ... happy you and cats, you'll all be purring