Tuesday 24 April 2012

Signs of life

I love freesias.  I think they might possibly be my most favourite flowers. So delicate and pretty with their funnel-shaped blooms, arching stems and stunning perfume.  I've never had much luck growing them though.  They're native to South Africa and I guess my total and utter failure to grow my own has been due to the fact that no part of my shady garden or draughty flat really resembles much of the South African climate.  Consequently, I usually content myself with the odd bunch of cut flowers when they're in season.  The other day however, I was in Sainsbury's in my lunch break and came across a little pack of freesia corms, compost and a sweet little bucket to plant them in.

As my office is either roasting or arctic, depending on whether you have the heating on or off, I thought I'd give 'em a whirl (and not turn the heating off).  After days of staring at a bucket of mud on my desk, we finally have signs of life...


What do you mean no?  Here, look...

I am thrilled!


  1. your office will smell sublime. Hope they continue to grow for you.
    I came across this, and thought it might amuse you

  2. That Saltburn yarn bomb is amazing, isn't it? I can't believe they managed to keep something like that secret! In other news - there's another wee shoot poking out of the bucket of mud this morning. Am beside myself with happiness. Simple things...