Sunday, 27 March 2011

To the rescue

A while ago I was mooching through Waitrose when I spied this poor wee plant languishing in the reduced section for the bargain price of 69p.

It's a bit tired in places and a few of the leaves were all crunched up and bashed, probably as it had been tossed around a bit in the bargain bin, but there are lots of fresh buds just waiting to pop open underneath and overall, it looks like a nice healthy plant.  The lovely peachy-yellow flowers look fab against the sky blue plant pot I impulse-bought in Ikea a while ago.  It now sits in pride of place high up on the printer (itself on the top of some shelves) so that the cats don't devour it.

The only problem with buying plants from the bargain bin, is that they often lose their tags.  I'm not totally sure what kind of plant it is.  It looks a bit begonia-ish.  What do you think?

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