Monday, 20 September 2010

Freebie for knitters

I've been on a mission to clear my desk and in the process, I came across these....

I have no idea why I have them, I can't even knit!  Can you knit?  Would you like to knit socks or other sort-of-round-shaped things (I think that's what you use DPNs for )?  Leave a comment below and you can have a set absolutely free.  First come, first served and I only have three packs.  I'll get back in touch with the first three to comment to get your address.


  1. I would love a pair! I love knitting on dpns. I do all my sock on them and if I ever knit a jumper I would do that on them too. I hate sewing up!!

  2. Awesome! That's one set gone - Millie, have PM'd you through Folksy for your address.

  3. Nooo...come and see us and have a knitting lesson!