Monday 28 June 2010


Just doing a bit of 'laptop housekeeping' here at The Hookery and I came across a spreadsheet to help with pricing.  Pricing is a bit of a nightmare.  It's also been a bit of a shock.  I just plugged my costs into this spreadsheet and basically, I'm not making very much. 

For each item you make, work down the column plugging in the costs of the materials used (don't forget to include your time) and how many items these materials made.  Then enter how much you'd like to charge for an item and the spreadsheet will show you what you'll make after listing fees and commission (I think these are accurate - I'm assuming Paypal still charge 20p + 3%, but could someone let me know if this is wrong?). There's a bit at the bottom to enter postage costs so you can keep a record. 

Anyhow, you can download a rough-and-ready ODS version from Google Documents here or let me know your email address and I'll ping you a pretty copy in Excel.


  1. TThis looks very useful. Thanks so much for the tip. I'm going to have a go

  2. You're welcome - let me know if you spot any glitches and I'll try iron them out.

  3. I am editor of Simply Handmade and a new magazine which we are starting from scratch - Crochet Trends. My first issue of SHM is out mid July and then bi-monthly, starting in that one there will be 3 trial smaller issues of Crochet Trends to test the waters!
    As you can imagine i am so excited and this could be huge judging by how big crochet items are now.

    This brings me to my question.....Would you be interested in helping out with a couple of projects? Please email me at and i will go through details etc :)


  4. Just wanted to say that Paypal take 3.4% plus 20p. Thanks for sharing the spreadsheet!

  5. Thanks BreadandCircuses!

    *runs off to update spreadsheet...*

  6. *runs back in to blog...*

    Have updated the online version - the link in the post should take you to a spreadsheet with 3.4% + 20p charge for paypal.


  7. Thanks for this, found you and your spreadsheet through folksy. Kx

    PS I love your scrubbies, wish I could knit, I am trying to get my mum to do some!! But it takes her about a year to make anything, so her homemade scubbies would be worth around £50 each!.

  8. ps just about to do a blog with your scubbies added...Kx

  9. This sounds really useful, is there any chance you could email me an Excel copy please? I've tried the Google Docs one but an error box keeps coming up which won't go away so I can't see it all. top floor treasures at live dot co dot uk. Thanks so much!