Sunday, 20 June 2010

Ms L. Umpy

Remember Bob? Remember he mentioned some of his relatives might come to stay?  Well, the first one arrived today.  Apparently she's a distant cousin.  There's certainly a family resemblance...

This is Lulu and she likes blackcurrant squash and reading.  Trouble is, she has no arms to turn the pages.  She and Bob have spent the afternoon reading the National Geographic together and generally catching up.

Now, the plan was that Bob's rellies would all stay at Eidelweiss, but what if Lulu is bought by someone who doesn't read with her?  She'd be so sad. 

It's a tough call...


  1. Good Morning - Just thought I'd let you know your post has gone up on the Folksy blog today :)Squaring Up Photos for your Folksy shop

  2. Thanks Nifty. I think I'm getting addicted to it though. I keep looking at things and thinking 'I wonder what a bobble-y one would look like...'