Saturday, 5 June 2010


Now I know it says in the title that this blog is also about crochet and I know I haven't really mentioned it yet.  Before anyone complains, allow me to present the fruits of an afternoon's fiddling with leftover yarn bits and a crochet hook: a cute little heart motif.

It's really easy to do, so I thought I'd play nice and share.  I am not, however, one for patterns, so bear with me and I hope this makes sense...

Start with a magic adjustable ring, then.... 3ch, 2dtr, 3tr, ch, dtr, ch, 3tr, 2dtr, 3ch, slst in centre to finish.


I should probably add a key, shouldn't I?  Ummm.... try this:

ch = chain
dtr = double treble
tr = treble
slst = slip stitch

I will just add that if you have never tried the adjustable ring thing, you should.  It will totally revolutionise how you start off granny squares or any other crocheting in rounds.

I got a bit carried away and made hearts in lots of different leftover yarns - I have no idea what I will use them for.  Suggestions gratefully received via the comments box below!


  1. Very cute. Thanks for sharing. I'll have to have a go. UK or US terms?